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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for $0

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


Cross Platform

Match Created

January 5th 2:35 PM

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Single Player


Game Play


Match Length

Single Game

How To Play
  1. Match creator is host of the match. (Rival on top of bracket pairing is host for tournaments)
  2. Invite your rival, and compete on the same team
  3. Winner is based on the total amount of kills or highest score depending on mode. 
  4. In the event of a tie, when you are both dead, you will simply play again and again until one rival has more kills then the other.

Rules for Gunfight

Gunfight can be played 1v1 or 2v2.  Gunfight game length is set to first to 2 match points wins unless otherwise specified.

If 1v1 play on opposing sides and compete against each other.  First to 2 match points wins match

If 2v2 play with your friend against a rival and their friend.  First to 2 match points wins match


CWL Standard rules

Lag  ------- Any and all lag must be addressed within one minute of game play

Settings-- Settings must be addressed previous game start.

Playbook & Rules -- All rules, special requests, custom setup,  must be addressed previous to end of countdown.

Disconnections - In the event of a disconnect, you will play the match as though it didn’t happen, keeping the score, settings, time remaining and time outs all the same.  If you are disconnected and do not reach back out to your opponent within 15 minutes it is considered a forfeit.  

Game Pauses -- If you get kicked for taking too long during the game while losing you will forfeit.





It is recommended that when competing in any match to record any and all data, this will only help prove any wrong doing.  

If the match rules, restrictions, or any other criteria simply to not match the original agreement, DO NOT PLAY THE MATCH!

Any rival breaking rules could automatically forfeit the match regardless of score.

Only play rivals with the provided gaming screen name.  

We ask that even in the event of a loss you report your image or recordings simply to confirm appropriate victory.  

Scores will automatically be submitted after 20 minutes, slowing your opponent from getting their money by not submitting your results will potentially hurt your feedback as well as slow your money next time you win.

All match play consisting of multiple games must be played within 10 minutes of completion of previous match or be considered a forfeit.



We first want to start by stating please ensure you have adjusted the time zone on your profile to reflect your time zone.  Also, we offer email notifications as well as text notifications, make sure those are on to never miss a game! is getting a ton of signups but not everyone has the time zone and notifications adjusted accordingly.

***NEW***  Check in system has eliminated the bulk of no shows.  Simply click the orange check in button on the tournament page or in your notifications. Rivals will have 15 minutes at tourney start time to check in, bracket will auto generate after the 15 minute check in period.

The 15 minute check in window is to allow ample time for all Rivals to get signed in, update game, charge controller, get stream ready, etc.  You are required to begin match at bracket fruition, not doing so could result in forfeit.

Please remember, if you fall to check into 3 tournaments in a short period of time you will be restricted from entering any additional free entry tournaments.  We have rivals wanting to enter the exclusive tournaments when spots are full.  If you find your account has been restricted contact Support to discuss how to continue taking advantage of FREE money! There is a $5 fee for reinstatement.


FREE Match -- Any match for free should be simply marked as incomplete by the rival that is available.  

FREE Tournament (non-Finals round)   -- Any tournament match no show, the rival that is online ready to play will mark the match incomplete and will move to the next round. 

FREE Tournament Finals -- Any finals bearing a prize, must be played or prize will not be awarded.  Finals matches are important as they will adjust your rank, exclusive badges, etc.  These should be marked as incomplete by the available rival.


PAID MATCHES DO NOT HAVE A CHECK IN PERIOD!  It is go time right at tournament start time!



Any rival submitting fake, altered, or photo shopped proof of victory can and will result in being banned from the site and full seizure of all money, and tournament tokens.  We have zero tolerance for stealing another rival’s money!

2,794 matches played - $5411 worth of prizes won
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