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What is is a safe online platform for video gamers to compete in paid contests, free tournaments for swag, or real cash!


Where is located?

We are located right here in Sioux Falls South Dakota USA.   We offer amazing American customer service.

Is safe?

Absolutely.  Deposit with confidence knowing we are backed by the security of PayPal.   

What titles are currently supported on

Currently we have the following and intend on adding big name competitive games shortly.  If you do not see your game listed submit a request, the more we get the faster it is added to our safe online platform!

Fortnite - 1v1 & 2v2 (Duos, Squads)

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 - 1v1 - Blackout, Search and Destroy, Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch & 2v2 Blackout

Apex Legends - 1v1 (3rd random)

Rocket League - Soccar 1v1 & 2v2

Madden 19



Fifa 19


Why is different?

Great question.  First off we pride ourselves on excellent expedited customer service.  We offer 24-7 customer service on the site.  Whether you are playing in a FREE entry tournament, or a paid wager, our service department is here to assist you.  Our platform is very easy to navigate, no weird ladders, or hard to find matches.  In the event of a dispute, we are here for you, almost instantly.  Waiting days for responses via email is not acceptable here at  Our safe online platform is newer, which may mean less active but also less sharks swarming the water.  Learn your skillset, gain viewers all the while having fun and competing for cash!

Is competitive gaming legal?

Competitive gaming is considered a game of skill as you control the outcome therefore you are not gambling on chance.  Play respectively and responsibly.  Unfortunately Arizona, Iowa, and Louisiana are not allowed to compete in paid contests.  

Europe/Others.  Again yes, it is safe and easy to compete online for cash. 

What payment methods does support

We try support  all popular payment methods.  You can use any type of credit card processed through the security of PayPal, even without a PayPal account!

Credit Card or PayPal payments are easy, simply click on the deposit funds link and begin your deposit. 

You can also send payment to our Venmo at

For your convenience, you can also send payments through Cash App at $eRivals


Please note, however you fund your account, this is the method of withdraw as well.  We do this for your security.  

Contact support if you have any additonal questions.  

What is free play money?

Free play money is awarded as deposit bonuses, contests, tournament winnings.  Free play money is used at 10% increments on wagers when your account is funded.  

What to do in the event of a no show?

We first want to start by stating please ensure you have adjusted the time zone on your profile to reflect your time zone.  Also, we offer email notifications as well as text notifications, make sure those are on to never miss a game! is getting a ton of signups but not everyone has the time zone and notifications adjusted accordingly.

***NEW***  Check in system has eliminated the bulk of no shows.  Simply click the orange check in button on the tournament page or in your notifications. Rivals will have 15 minutes at tourney start time to check in, bracket will auto generate after the 15 minute check in period.

Please remember, if you fall to check into 3 tournaments in a week you will be restricted from entering any additional free entry tournaments.  We have rivals wanting to enter the exclusive tournaments when spots are full.  If you find your account has been restricted contact Support to discuss how to continue taking advantage of FREE money!

FREE Match -- Any match for free should be simply marked as incomplete by the rival that is available.  

FREE Tournament (non-Finals round)   -- Any tournament match no show, the rival that is online ready to play will mark the match incomplete and will move to the next round. 

FREE Tournament Finals -- Any finals bearing a prize, must be played or prize will not be awarded.  Finals matches are important as they will adjust your rank, exclusive badges, etc.  These should be marked as incomplete by the available rival.

PAID Match -- Any match for any prize will simply be refunded back to each individual rivals account in the event of a no show.

PAID Tournament (non-Finals) -- Tournaments are a huge way to make money and in the event of a no show the rival will mark the match as incomplete and will move on.  Consider it a bye.  For the no show, you will forfeit match and money, again please ensure your notifications are on!

PAID Tournament Finals -- In the event of a no show, mark the match incomplete.  We will try to contact the rival through all outlets.  If the rival does not respond, the online rival will win the tournament, the prize, and any exclusive badges. 

The admin team can adjust your responsiveness to play manually and will adjust accordingly.  All create a matches have a slide stating “Ready”, if this is selected you are online ready to play.  If a match or tournament starts and you are a no show this WILL affect your rank!  Please be mindful as rivals are ready to play all hours of the night.

What is acceptable proof?

Great question!  We always state that recording any game play of the match is highly recommended.  It is very easy to do any console or computer, for your safety.  The required proof to ensure money is given to the appropriate rival is a screen shot of the final results.   

Can I dispute match results?

Yes.  If you feel that some specified rule was broken, or the results were reported inaccurately you have security knowing our team will dig into the issue for you.   Please note, disputing results falsely for any reason is treated exactly like counterfeited proof and could result in being banned, and full seizure of all funds. We have zero tolerance for stealing another rival’s money!

What is the withdrawal process?

Withdrawing is very easy from  We process your withdrawal through the same PayPal account that was used to fund the account.  For your security we will not send to any other PayPal address which should build confidence knowing your money is secure.  The withdrawal can take up to 3 days to process. 

Standard withdrawal can take up to 3 days to process with a fee of 6%. 

Expedited withdrawal will be done within 5 hours of request with a fee of 11%

Currently, there is a $10 withdrawal minimum to offset these fees.

The processing fees simply offset the fees incurred when your account was funded, and refunded.  PayPal makes sure they take their cut, but knowing your transaction is secure is imperative.

One your first withdrawal you will be required to prove identity.  Once completed you will be able to withdrawal at your leisure without issue!

What if I don’t see a game I want to play?

We intend on adding game titles once our client base has expanded.  Our goal is to provide you with an awesome platform for any game today, and in the future.  Also, in the open matches you can submit a request for a title you do not see. 

What are Tourney Tokens

Tourney Tokens are exclusive entries into bigger better tournaments.  These are added periodically as an exclusive tournament for those with Tourney Tokens!  

2,795 matches played - $5411 worth of prizes won
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